iPhone 5 pictures

iPhone 5 pictures are all over the web. Is Apple leaking images on purpose or are people really leaving stuff behind in bars? We will probably never know, but what we do know is that part manufacturers around the world are starting to ramp up production to get everything ready for Apple’s expected iPhone 5 release date in september or october this year. These manufacturers sometimes leak images or pictures are snapped by people who were not really supposed to see certain things as security levels are not as high as they are at Apple in Cupertino.

Over the past year or so, numerous different and sometimes wild and drastic mockups and redesign ideas for the iPhone 5 have showed up. Some had a bigger screen, some had square buttons, different camera placing, new dock connectors – everything is possible. However, with the release date approaching the rumors and iPhone 5 pictures that are popping up are starting to look more alike, and the likelihood of them being correct increases by the day. What we have done for this website is go through thousands of suggestions from gadget and apple sites all over the web, and come up with what we believe are the most trustworthy pictures of the new iPhone 5. This site is under constant review and we are keeping up with all the latest news, so if anything new pops up this is the place where you will find it first.

Allright, on to the shots. The following picture shows the Apple iPhone 5 black and white, side by side. These are rumored to have leaked from the casing manufacturer, and 9to5macgot their hands on them.

Black and white iPhone 5 shown side by side

the new iPhone 5 shown side by side in both colors

Another picture popped up of a similar design, showing the front panel in both colors:

The iPhone 5 front casing shown half assembled

half assembled iPhone 5 front casing


Also, a blog post from repair firm iLab Factory shows what is supposed to be a design scheme for a next iPhone 5 front panel. The schematic appears to look very similar to photos shown above and are therefore highly rated by us. They all show a taller display, a new doc connector and a shift in the position of the FaceTime camera to above the device’s earpiece, but reveal no exact dimensions even though the screen is very likely to be upped to 4 inch by an increased device height of approximately 7mm.

iPhone 5 schematic view of front panel

the expected iPhone 5 shown on a schematic drawing

Based on the leaked images shown above, the Blackpool Creative has created a big set of rendered images and a short video rendering of what they believe the new iPhone 5 will look like. We consider these renders to be amongst the best we’ve seen so far, based on research and tracking of all rumors, pictures and renders that we have seen over the past months.

Have a look at the full gallery of iPhone 5 pictures: